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“But I don't play golf.....”

Golfers from all over the world flock to Murcia; drawn to this area by the incredible climate and the beautiful courses found throughout the region. The uniqueness of each and the variety of challenges they offer sees players return again and again.

With member rates applying to all the GNK and UGOLF courses, owners can play each course within that group at the same low price, with green fees set at 9 euros a round for 18 holes for members, no matter on which resort they live.

And 2021 has seen the exciting announcement that reciprocal membership rates will now apply for GNK course members at the prestigious La Manga club; yet more reasons why the stunning Costa Calida is a premier destination for golfers.

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Golf brings year round visitors, vibrancy and wealth to the area, there is no low season, no “shut for the winter” signs; here everything is ready for you, open and busy, no matter what time of year you come.

But golf is only part of what makes life on the various resorts so special. Each offers a different experience, yet features the same strengths and advantages. 24 hour security, an administrative team to provide advice, help and support, a welcoming community, superb facilities and easy proximity to everything that is the hallmark of our resorts.

An incredibly prized and integral feature to our clients, is the security and pristine environment that all the resorts offer. Here there are no bars on windows, no graffiti and no litter; you can leave your home for months, or years, at a time, and find it exactly as it was when you left, with the garden mown and the hedges trimmed.

In an ever changing world, this peace of mind is priceless and the feeling of relaxation as you enter your resort, greeted by a friendly wave from security, never goes away.

For families too, the confidence and peace of mind that life on a resort provides is exceptional.
With events laid on for children throughout the holidays, an exceptional choice of pools (19 on Hacienda Riquelme alone for example) plus the freedom and safety to play independently with their friends, for many parents, the environment the resorts‘ provide enables them to switch off completely and relax knowing that their children are happy and safe in a controlled environment.

Each of our resorts is within 20 minutes of the coast, and between 15 and 30 minutes of the stunning cities of Murcia, with its historical Moorish and Medieval architecture, and Cartagena, home of some of the most stunning and complete Roman buildings and treasures to be found anywhere in the world.


The holy city of Caravaca de la Cruz is also within easy distance from our resorts. The city is a major pilgrimage site for Catholics, at times receiving over a million visitors per year, and is considered the fifth holiest city in the world.

High up on the hill above the city, lies the Santuario de la Vera Cruz (Sanctuary of the True Cross) where a piece of the cross on which Jesus was crucified is displayed.

Murcia is renowned throughout Spain for the quality of its produce, and the region was named as Spain’s gastronomy capital in 2020. Nearly all the citrus fruits you’ll find in supermarkets across Northern Europe are grown in Murcia and when the blossoms are out, the air is perfumed by their incredible smell.

Here, traditional life continues very much unchanged, with siestas, incredibly priced menu del dia and warm evenings, where the streets are filled with families. Yet the traditional lives in concert with an exceptional modern infrastructure; a health care system consistently ranked among the very best in the world, new hospitals, high speed roads, a world class rail network and an exceptionally low crime rate.

Murcia boasts an incredible range of natural wonders, from national parks, mountain ranges, natural spas, such as the exceptional Balneario de Archena, a natural thermal spa complex, covering more than 200,000 square metres, to of course, the beautiful Mar Menor, the largest salt water lagoon in Europe.

With incredible shopping facilities all over the region, including the largest open air shopping mall in Europe, La Zenia Boulevard (with the largest Primark in Europe too!) just 20 minutes away from all the resorts, the very best of modern life sits comfortably alongside a much older world, unchanged throughout the centuries, all played out in front of a backdrop of breathtaking natural beauty.

Whether you want to surf in the Mediterranean, walk beside the ethereal stillness of the Mar Menor, or enjoy the healing mud baths at Lo Pagan, before heading out for an evening of al fresco dining, no two days in Murcia need ever be the same, with an unlimited array of options and wonders to explore.


This is a land where the exceptional climate extends the day - even in the middle of winter, it is light until at least 6pm, so you will always have time to enjoy your days to the fullest.

Whether you play golf or not......