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Your Gateway to Luxury Properties in Murcia's Golf Havens

Welcome to the realm of luxury living on Murcia’s prestigious golf resorts, where the pursuit of your dream property begins with informed decisions. As your trusted partner, Lonrah specialises exclusively in sales on the most prestigious and popular golf resorts on the Costa Calida, including Hacienda Riquelme, where we are the only estate agency to have an office in the resort’s historic town centre and the Mar Menor Golf Resort.

Our commitment is to provide you with more than just property listings; we aim to be your comprehensive guide through every phase of your property journey. The resorts aren’t just where we work, they are our home too and our aim is to welcome you to this very special part of Spain.

Buying a home is a life-changing decision. It’s where memories are made, dreams take shape, and you build a life for yourself and your loved ones.

Here on the Costa Cálida, a vibrant world awaits – one that blends tradition, modernity, and breathtaking nature. Experience the magic of the Mar Menor, where centuries-old traditions meet modern comforts.

Savor lazy al fresco dinners, warm community bonds, and the simple pleasures of €2 seaside breakfasts. Discover a world where ‘Hola’ is always a friendly greeting.

At Lonrah, we’re more than just estate agents. We’re your gateway to this incredible life on our amazing resorts. Let us guide you to your dream home in this magical land.

We’re honored to help you start this exciting new chapter!

Table of Contents

Initial Research and Market Understanding

The journey starts with thorough research, a step where our deep insights into the unique real estate market of Murcia’s golf resorts become your advantage. Our team is dedicated to exploring the types of properties available, understanding their pricing, and uncovering the unique characteristics of each resort.

This in-depth approach ensures you have a complete grasp of market dynamics, essential for making well-informed decisions.

Personalized Guidance and Local Expertise

At Lonrah, we take pride in acting as your personal guides. By aligning the search process with your specific preferences, we ensure a targeted and efficient home search experience.

Our attention to detail ensures that you are well-informed about every aspect of a property, from potential investment opportunities to any underlying issues or unique features.

Our area expertise extends beyond the properties themselves. We offer a comprehensive view of the local community, amenities, and lifestyle options available, helping you find not just a property, but a home that complements your lifestyle.

Seamless Transition and Skilled Negotiation

Leveraging our extensive network, we facilitate a smooth transition into your new home, connecting you with trusted service providers and contractors. Most importantly, our expertise in negotiation is pivotal in protecting your interests. We manage every aspect of the negotiation process with dedication, ensuring the best possible outcome for you.

Property Viewings and Travel: Maximizing Your Visit with Lonrah's Guidance Planning Your Visit

We are on hand to help with every aspect of your visit. Lonrah clients benefit from use of our own exclusive apartment on the Hacienda Riquelme Golf Resort. We have contacts for every enquiry you may have, please don’t hesitate ask us anything: sales@Lonrah.com

Scheduling Property Viewings

At Lonrah, we welcome clients from across Europe – and increasingly beyond, with buyers from America and a number from South Africa over the last year. With a whole new generation of buyers discovering the resorts, sales are now frequently conducted over FaceTime, with buyers entrusting our knowledge and experience on the ground to assist in their purchase.

From remote sales to personalised property tours, we are here to help tailor your search to your specific needs. At Lonrah we help over a 100 buyers every year find and secure their dream home on the Murcia Golf Resorts, and with our 5 star rating on Google and Facebook buyers across the world recognise our position as the Golf property expert and place their confidence in us.

an extensive selection of properties

Curated by Lonrah, your experts in finding the perfect golf resort home in Murcia.

Effective Property Inspection Tips

Checklist Creation: Before the viewings, create a checklist of your must-haves, preferences, and deal-breakers. This helps in evaluating each property objectively.

Something we always focus on is what we call the “bare bones” of a property, advising our clients to consider the unchanging features of a home, the location, orientation and views, in addition to internal aesthetics, to ensure that your home will be the perfect choice for you.

Local Area Exploration: Take time to explore the surrounding area. Check for amenities, transport links, and community vibes. As the resorts are our home too, we are ideally positioned to show you the local environment.

The resorts place you in the perfect setting to explore everything this incredible region has to offer, from historic cities to beautiful beaches, mountain walks and traditional Spanish villages. At Lonrah we can help and advise on all facets of life in Murcia.

Ask Questions: Don’t hesitate to ask us about anything from property history to future development plans in the area. Our sole focus is on helping you make the best possible decision for your wishes and needs.

Take Notes and Photos: Document your thoughts and observations about each property for later comparison. Please always feel free with us to take photos and videos of our properties so that you can look back later to review.

At Lonrah, we are dedicated to making your property viewing experience as informative and enjoyable as possible, ensuring that you find the perfect property on Murcia’s exceptional golf resorts.

Documentation and Legal Preparation

Streamlining the Process with Lonrah’s Expertise

Essential Documentation

Once an offer is accepted, everything then passes over to the solicitors to oversee your purchase to completion. When buying a property in Murcia, certain key documents are necessary and your solicitor will guide you through everything step by step.

The N.I.E. number (Número de Identidad Extranjero) is your personal identification number in Spain, and is required for all foreign buyers.

This identification number is needed for various transactions in Spain, including property purchase. A lot of buyers worry that they haven’t got an NIE when they come to view properties – please don’t. 99 percent of buyers don’t have an NIE when they come to buy, it is something that that your solicitor will obtain for you as part of your purchase.

At Lonrah we aren’t affiliated with any solicitors, but we have extensive experience of all the major local law firms. We are on hand to recommend and introduce you to local solicitors who speak your language and have extensive experience in sales on the resorts.

The UK consulate also publish a list of suggested solicitors in the region and we work with lawyers on this list.

Opening a Spanish Bank Account and transferring funds.

For most buyers having a Spanish bank account is another important step in your purchase, however if you already have an existing Euro account that will serve perfectly for your new home in Spain too.

For large transfers, we always recommend using a specialist currency broker to transfer funds into Euros, something that can save you thousands when buying your home. We are on hand to help with this and can introduce you personally to the leading brokers in the area.

A crucial aspect of their work which isn’t available with most online currency portals is the ability to fix your exchange rate when you agree your purchase. It’s an additional service that can remove all the stress and worry of currency fluctuations.
At Lonrah we have excellent relationships too with all the local banks and can introduce you to mortgage advisors and bank managers. With us too most steps to opening an account can be done remotely using our contacts.

Next, most of our buyers will give their solicitor Power of Attorney, to allow them to represent them in their purchase. The Power of Attorney is granted in front of the notary and your solicitor will always inform you and ask for your explicit consent when using it on your behalf.

With the Power of Attorney, your solicitor can oversee all steps for your property purchase including signing for you at completion.

It’s another step in ensuring that your purchase is as smooth and easy as possible.

Importance of Advance Preparation

When you come to Spain, all you need to bring is your passport – with this your solicitor can arrange the power of attorney and all paperwork needed for your purchase. If you are buying with a mortgage, your bank will request additional paperwork, which can be sent online when you are back home.

For a detailed guide on buyers’ documentation, please refer to the comprehensive list included later in this article, which outlines each document and its importance in the buying process.

Negotiation and Offer Making

Navigating the intricate negotiation phase of property transactions is a nuanced process, blending strategic acumen with a deep understanding of market value.

At Lonrah, this critical phase is where our expertise truly shines. We don’t just focus on making an offer; we concentrate on crafting the right offer.

A key difference at Lonrah is that we have direct communication with all our vendors. Most estate agents list each others properties meaning that they have no contact with the owner of a property that may be showing you – and so no insight into what sort of offer could be possible.

At Lonrah we are in constant contact with our vendors and we know each of our properties, enabling you to have the best possible insight into your potential new home.
Our sales team brings comprehensive market knowledge, honed negotiation skills, and a proven track record of successfully closing deals to every negotiation.

Understanding Market Value: Understanding the market value is the first critical step. At Lonrah we provide detailed analyses of similar properties and the latest market trends, ensuring that your offer is grounded in reality and well-informed.

Our goal is to help you understand the true value of the property in the context of the current market and we constantly review our listings to ensure that they offer the best value for money.

Making an Offer:When it comes to making an offer, our team works closely with you to draft an offer that not only reflects the true worth of the property but also respects your budget. This process often involves a delicate balance between competitiveness and realism, ensuring that your offer stands out as both attractive and practical.

Role of the Agent in Negotiations: The role of our team in negotiations is pivotal. Our skilled professionals are adept at negotiating terms that safeguard your interests while maintaining fairness to all parties involved.

We deftly handle counteroffers, negotiate the terms of sale, and manage any contingencies that need to be included in the offer.

Partnering with Lonrah means you are supported by a team of professionals who deeply understand the nuances of property negotiations on Murcia’s golf resorts.

We are committed to helping you secure your desired property on terms that are favourable to you, ensuring a smooth and successful transaction.

The Legal Process and Contracts

The buying process in Spain might be very different from your experience of buying in your home country, and at Lonrah, our role is to advise and guide you through the entire process to completion.

A key difference when buying in Spain is that, once an offer is accepted, a non refundable deposit is paid to formally secure your chosen property and start the buying the process. This deposit is held, in escrow, in accordance with the terms of the Spanish Civil Code, which provides important protections to both buyer and seller.

Once your offer is accepted, we take the details of both buyers and sellers to draw up a deposit agreement. This agreement outlines all the details of the sale, the parties involved, the property details and the final completion date for your purchase – a requirement under Spanish law.

At Lonrah all of our properties are guaranteed to be free of all debt at completion and to have all the correct paperwork in place. It is a guarantee that provides crucial peace of mind for our buyers.

From this point, your purchase is governed by the Spanish Civil Code, which provides the framework for every sale in the country. Under the terms of the civil code, a non-refundable deposit is paid to formally remove your chosen property from sale.

This deposit is held in escrow, typically by the vendors’ solicitor to ensure adherence to the terms of the deposit agreement.

The deposit provides important protection for you as a buyer in formally ensuring your purchase and imposing a stringent fine on a vendor should they try to sell their home to another buyer.

But, for vendors too, the Civil Code offers protection as, if a buyer were to change their mind and withdraw from their purchase, they would forfeit their deposit.

This is why being non refundable, it is important to be sure of your decision before paying your deposit. But, once paid, you can relax knowing that your home is secured and have the advantage of a final completion date to work towards.

If for any reason the sale cannot complete for reasons outside of your control, such as incorrect paperwork etc on the vendors side, your deposit is fully refundable. It’s why, at Lonrah, we insist on all deposits being held in escrow, where a lot of estate agents pay the money directly to a vendor – making it almost impossible to get back in the event of a problem.

It’s another key difference at Lonrah in protecting our buyers.
Finally, the process culminates in signing the escritura de compraventa (the final deed) at the Notary’s office, legally transferring ownership.

Buying overseas can seem daunting, but at Lonrah we are with you every step of the way of the process towards collecting the keys for your beautiful new home.

Post-Purchase Considerations

A notable benefit of buying a property with us, is that there will be a seamless transition of all utilities into your name, so that when you come to your beautiful new home, you can get started enjoying life in Spain immediately.

A lot of owners will decide to appoint a keyholder for their property, especially if they are not living in Spain full time. A keyholder does a lot more than just hold a set of keys for your property. From regular inspections to cleaning and preparing your home ahead of your arrival, keyholders are the property equivalent of a concierge service, on hand for any requirements you have whilst you are away.

Keyholding services start at around €250 a year and for many owners are an invaluable support and resource, allowing them to relax and know that someone is overseeing their home at all times. At Lonrah we can recommend trusted keyholders on all of the resorts.

The final step is to sit back and relax in your brand new home in Spain. For most clients it is the realisation of a long held dream. It is a huge accomplishment to be in a position to buy a home overseas, and is very often the culmination of years of work and sacrifice. At Lonrah it is our pleasure and privilege to help you on this journey and we are on hand to help before, during and after your sale too.

Essential Buyer Documentation

Detailed Guide to Essential Buyer Documentation in Murcia’s Golf Resorts
Presented by Lonrah

Embarking on a property purchase on the stunning golf resorts of Murcia, such as the tranquil Hacienda Riquelme or the vibrant Mar Menor, necessitates a thorough understanding of the vital documentation involved.

At Lonrah, we specialize in these luxurious settings and understand the importance of being fully informed throughout the whole buying process. With that in mind we have compiled a list of documents and terms that you will likely encounter during your purchase.

Here we present our in-depth guide to the documentation involved when buying in Spain:

  • Official Identification (Identificación Oficial)
    Both buyers and sellers need to provide a form of official identification for the deposit agreement. This could be a DNI (Documento Nacional de Identidad), which is the national ID card in Spain, an NIE number, or a passport. It’s a fundamental step in establishing the legal identity of the parties involved in the transaction.
  • Credit Authorization Letter (Carta de Autorización de Crédito)
    If you’re financing your property through a mortgage, this document is an important part of the paperwork your bank will request, along with other paperwork like your tax declaration (P60 in the UK)
    Obtained from your bank or a credit institution like FOVISSSTE or INFONAVIT, it certifies your financial ability to meet the mortgage payments. At Lonrah we will introduce you to the banks here in Murcia who will assist you with all paperwork.
  • Marriage Certificate (Certificado de Matrimonio)
    For married individuals aiming for joint ownership of the property, this document is essential. It is especially relevant in cases where both partners want their names on the deed, establishing legal joint ownership rights and is something that your solicitor will request when you are buying.

  • Property Title Deed (Título de Propiedad)
    The cornerstone document for sellers, it legally proves property ownership. It should include the owner’s name, the property location, and other relevant information. Ensuring this document’s accuracy is a key part of your solicitor’s due diligence, and, when buying with Lonrah, your deposit is protected whilst all property checks are carried out by your solcitor.
  • Proof of Payment of Utilities and Taxes (Comprobantes de Pago de Servicios e Impuestos) The seller must present evidence of up-to-date payments on all property taxes and utility bills.
    This is a check performed by your solicitor, ensuring that the property is free of all debt and forms a crucial part of our guarantee of a debt free purchase at Lonrah.
  • Certificate of Freedom from Encumbrances (Certificado de Libertad de Gravamen)
    A critical document confirming that the property is free of liens, mortgages, or tax issues. It’s a clear indicator of the property’s legal standing and a document that your solicitor and the Notary will inspect and check as part of your purchase.

Final thoughts on buying a golf resort property in murcia

At Lonrah, we understand that these documents are much more than procedural necessities; they are vital safeguards in protecting your interests as a buyer. Each piece of documentation, from verifying your identity to confirming your financial readiness and ensuring the property is free of legal encumbrances, is integral to the transparency and legality of your property transaction in Murcia’s golf resorts.

In line with our commitment to ensuring a seamless and secure property purchase, at Lonrah we always advise enlisting the services of a local, independent solicitor who speaks your language. We are on hand to recommend trusted firms who are experienced with purchases on the resorts, such as Mar Menor, Hacienda Riquelme and La Torre.

With Lonrah’s deep-rooted expertise in the real estate market of these exclusive golf resorts, our clients receive comprehensive support and guidance throughout the documentation process.

Whether it’s the beauty of Hacienda Riquelme, the superb Mar Menor Golf Resort or the extraordinary Santa Rosalia that has captured your heart, rest assured that with the right documentation and expert legal assistance, your journey to owning a piece of these prestigious locales will be as smooth and rewarding as the lifestyle they offer.

Contact Information

Lonrah Contact Details

For further information, personalized advice, or to begin your selling journey with us, please reach out through the following contact details:

Website: Visit our Selling Page where you can find more information and a convenient form to get in touch with us.

Email: Contact us at sales@lonrah.com for direct email inquiries.

Phone: Call us at +34 656 444 520 for a more personal touch.

Office Address: Feel free to visit our office in the beautiful courtyard in the town centre of Hacienda Riquelme for a face-to-face consultation.

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We are here to answer your questions, provide expert guidance, and help you navigate the selling process with confidence.

Let Lonrah be your trusted partner in achieving your real estate goals in Murcia’s golf resorts.

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Terms & Conditions

At Lonrah, our aim is to make our terms and conditions as clear and straightforward as possible. If you have any questions or wish to discuss anything, please don’t hesitate to ask, we are always here to help:


Most properties at Lonrah are sold under exclusive instruction. The one to one relationship between us and our vendors is at the heart of our business, and, it’s the way we feel offers the optimum conditions for the best sale of your home and the best return on your investment.

1) As an exclusive listing and to thank you for your confidence in us, Lonrah Resorts Murcia SL (hereafter referred to as Lonrah) offers a discounted sales commission of 4 percent plus IVA (Spanish VAT charged at 21 percent), with a minimum commission of €5950 plus IVA on all exclusive listings.

2) For Multi agency listings, commission is charged at 5 percent plus IVA, with a minimum commission of €6950 plus IVA

3) The applicable commission rate becomes payable on the signing of the reservation/deposit agreement formalising the sale, with payment typically deferred to completion.

4) For properties listed as sole agency instructions with Lonrah, the agreement covers an exclusive period of 24 weeks. During this period, the vendor agrees not to appoint any other estate agent, or to sell or advertise the property privately. Should a sale occur through any other channel, public or private, other than Lonrah, during this period, Lonrah’s commission will be payable at the multi agency rate.

5) At the end of the 24 week period, the vendor may remove the property from sale or elect to appoint other estate agents alongside Lonrah. Should another agent be appointed, or private advertising be undertaken, at the end of the exclusive period, Lonrah’s multi agency rates will automatically apply. If at any point a sale is agreed with a buyer introduced by Lonrah, Lonrah’s commission will be payable.

6) Depending on resort regulations, Lonrah will usually install a For Sale sign at the property. The seller agrees that no other For Sale sign will be erected during the period of sole agency. We understand that some owners will prefer to not have a For Sale board, if this is the case, please let us know.

7) When a sale is agreed, a 10 percent non refundable deposit will typically be paid, usually in two separate instalments, by the purchaser. Should the purchaser withdraw from the sale, Lonrah will retain the deposit, up to the agreed commission amount, for expenses incurred, with any remaining balance paid to the vendor.

8) Should a vendor withdraw from a sale once signing of the reservation/deposit agreement has occurred, in addition to the penalties stated on the agreement under the Spanish Civil Code, Lonrah’s commission will be payable.

9) During the sales process, Lonrah may offer purchasers and vendors financial, mortgage and legal advice, via third parties, including banks and currency exchange companies with the aim of ensuring that both buyer and seller receive the best possible service. In some cases Lonrah may earn a commission from these referrals.


En Lonrah, nuestro objetivo es que nuestros términos y condiciones sean lo más claros y sencillos posible. Si tienes alguna pregunta o deseas comentar algo, no dudes en preguntarnos, siempre estamos aquí para ayudarte:


La mayoría de las propiedades de Lonrah se venden bajo instrucción exclusiva. La relación individual entre nosotros y nuestros vendedores es la esencia de nuestro negocio y, en nuestra opinión, es la forma que ofrece las condiciones óptimas para la mejor venta de tu casa y el mejor rendimiento de tu inversión.

1) Como listado exclusivo y para agradecerte tu confianza en nosotros, Lonrah Resorts Murcia SL (en adelante, Lonrah) ofrece una comisión de venta con descuento del 4 por ciento más IVA (IVA español cargado al 21 por ciento), con una comisión mínima de 5950 euros más IVA en todos los listados exclusivos.

2) Para los anuncios Multiagencia, la comisión es del 5% más IVA, con una comisión mínima de 6950 euros más IVA.

3) La comisión aplicable es pagadera a la firma del contrato de reserva/depósito por el que se formaliza la venta, y el pago suele aplazarse hasta la finalización.

4) Para las propiedades que figuran como instrucciones de agencia única con Lonrah, el acuerdo abarca un periodo exclusivo de 24 semanas. Durante este periodo, el vendedor se compromete a no nombrar a ningún otro agente inmobiliario, ni a vender o anunciar la propiedad de forma privada. Si se produjera una venta a través de cualquier otro canal, público o privado, distinto de Lonrah, durante este periodo, la comisión de Lonrah será pagadera según la tarifa de agencia múltiple.

5) Al final del periodo de 24 semanas, el vendedor puede retirar el inmueble de la venta o designar a otros agentes inmobiliarios junto con Lonrah. Si se designa a otro agente, o se realiza publicidad privada, al final del periodo de exclusividad, se aplicarán automáticamente las tarifas de agencia múltiple de Lonrah. Si en algún momento se acuerda una venta con un comprador presentado por Lonrah, se pagará la comisión de Lonrah.

6) Dependiendo de la normativa del complejo turístico, Lonrah suele instalar un cartel de Se Vende en la propiedad. El vendedor se compromete a no colocar ningún otro cartel de Se Vende durante el periodo de agencia exclusiva. Entendemos que algunos propietarios prefieran no tener un cartel de Se Vende, si éste es el caso, por favor, háznoslo saber.

7) Cuando se acuerda una venta, el comprador suele pagar un depósito no reembolsable del 10%, normalmente en dos plazos separados. En caso de que el comprador desista de la venta, Lonrah retendrá el depósito, hasta el importe de la comisión acordada, para cubrir los gastos ocasionados, y el saldo restante se abonará al vendedor.

8) En caso de que el vendedor desista de la venta una vez firmado el contrato de reserva/depósito, además de las penalizaciones establecidas en el contrato según el Código Civil español, deberá abonarse la comisión de Lonrah.

9) Durante el proceso de venta, Lonrah puede ofrecer a compradores y vendedores asesoramiento financiero, hipotecario y jurídico, a través de terceros, incluidos bancos y empresas de cambio de divisas, con el objetivo de garantizar que tanto el comprador como el vendedor reciban el mejor servicio posible. En algunos casos, Lonrah puede ganar una comisión por estas recomendaciones.