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London Eldridge and Sarah Day welcome you to Lonrah, the resort specialist for properties on the finest Golf courses on Spain’s sunny Costa Calida.

With over a 100 sales each year, at Lonrah we combine individual bespoke attention for our clients with industry leading sales volume, to offer an innovative and comprehensive service for buyers and sellers alike.

From Hacienda Riquelme to the Mar Menor Golf Resort, La Torre & Las Terrazas de La Torre to Roda Golf and Santa Rosalia, at Lonrah, our specialist focus and in depth knowledge of the Murcian resorts, means that we are ideally, and uniquely, positioned to assist you in your search for your dream home.

Buying overseas is one of the biggest decisions anyone can make, and it is a decision that has the potential to transform your life in the most incredible way, opening up a whole new world of experiences, culture and memories that will last a lifetime.

For so many of our clients, owning a home in Spain is the realisation of a long held dream and, very often, the culmination of years of planning, work and sacrifice.

It is our great privilege and honour to help our clients fulfil that dream and to welcome you to the place that we call home, the stunning region of Murcia.

At Lonrah, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide a seamless property buying experience, from initial contact to the day you collect your keys (and after), we are here to help in every way we can.

For our vendors, our innovative marketing and extensive advertising reach puts your property in front of the widest possible audience, whilst our 24/7 customer service keeps you updated, consulted and in control throughout your sale.

Experience the Lonrah difference today and discover why our reputation has seen us become the preferred choice for discerning property buyers and sellers on the resorts.

We would be delighted to help.

London & Sarah

Luxury Property Exclusively by Lonrah

Discover our extensive range of property in the heart of Murcia, Spain, each offering an unparalleled blend of comfort, elegance, and modern sophistication, available exclusively through Lonrah.

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With Lonrah

London and Sarah are here to guide you through every step of your sale.

From your first contact, you will experience the “Lonrah difference”; London will advise you on the market and how to achieve the best possible sales price, showcasing examples to expand upon the recommended value.

At Lonrah, a valuation is a discussion and collaboration between us and our clients, with you having the ultimate say as to the selling price.


Our ethos demands that we justify ourselves and our efforts to you continually, ensuring that you remain in total control of your property at all times.

Looking after you

Once a sale has been agreed, the deal passes into the expert hands of Sarah.

Sarah is in charge of our after sales and becomes the contact point for yourself and the solicitors. Continually keeping her eye on every deal, Sarah’s ability to keep sales progressing smoothly allows our clients to relax in the knowledge that she is in charge.

At Lonrah, your sale is our business and we understand that we are dealing with an asset of, both enormous financial value, but also of unquantifiable emotional value. It is this awareness that forms the core of the “Lonrah difference.”


Another Premium Sale at Lonrah

South Facing 3 Bedroom, 3 Bathroom Baron Villa. Sold exclusively by Lonrah.


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Terms & Conditions

At Lonrah, our aim is to make our terms and conditions as clear and straightforward as possible. If you have any questions or wish to discuss anything, please don’t hesitate to ask, we are always here to help:


Most properties at Lonrah are sold under exclusive instruction. The one to one relationship between us and our vendors is at the heart of our business, and, it’s the way we feel offers the optimum conditions for the best sale of your home and the best return on your investment.

1) As an exclusive listing and to thank you for your confidence in us, Lonrah Resorts Murcia SL (hereafter referred to as Lonrah) offers a discounted sales commission of 4 percent plus IVA (Spanish VAT charged at 21 percent), with a minimum commission of €5950 plus IVA on all exclusive listings.

2) For Multi agency listings, commission is charged at 5 percent plus IVA, with a minimum commission of €6950 plus IVA

3) The applicable commission rate becomes payable on the signing of the reservation/deposit agreement formalising the sale, with payment typically deferred to completion.

4) For properties listed as sole agency instructions with Lonrah, the agreement covers an exclusive period of 24 weeks. During this period, the vendor agrees not to appoint any other estate agent, or to sell or advertise the property privately. Should a sale occur through any other channel, public or private, other than Lonrah, during this period, Lonrah’s commission will be payable at the multi agency rate.

5) At the end of the 24 week period, the vendor may remove the property from sale or elect to appoint other estate agents alongside Lonrah. Should another agent be appointed, or private advertising be undertaken, at the end of the exclusive period, Lonrah’s multi agency rates will automatically apply. If at any point a sale is agreed with a buyer introduced by Lonrah, Lonrah’s commission will be payable.

6) Depending on resort regulations, Lonrah will usually install a For Sale sign at the property. The seller agrees that no other For Sale sign will be erected during the period of sole agency. We understand that some owners will prefer to not have a For Sale board, if this is the case, please let us know.

7) When a sale is agreed, a 10 percent non refundable deposit will typically be paid, usually in two separate instalments, by the purchaser. Should the purchaser withdraw from the sale, Lonrah will retain the deposit, up to the agreed commission amount, for expenses incurred, with any remaining balance paid to the vendor.

8) Should a vendor withdraw from a sale once signing of the reservation/deposit agreement has occurred, in addition to the penalties stated on the agreement under the Spanish Civil Code, Lonrah’s commission will be payable.

9) During the sales process, Lonrah may offer purchasers and vendors financial, mortgage and legal advice, via third parties, including banks and currency exchange companies with the aim of ensuring that both buyer and seller receive the best possible service. In some cases Lonrah may earn a commission from these referrals.


En Lonrah, nuestro objetivo es que nuestros términos y condiciones sean lo más claros y sencillos posible. Si tienes alguna pregunta o deseas comentar algo, no dudes en preguntarnos, siempre estamos aquí para ayudarte:


La mayoría de las propiedades de Lonrah se venden bajo instrucción exclusiva. La relación individual entre nosotros y nuestros vendedores es la esencia de nuestro negocio y, en nuestra opinión, es la forma que ofrece las condiciones óptimas para la mejor venta de tu casa y el mejor rendimiento de tu inversión.

1) Como listado exclusivo y para agradecerte tu confianza en nosotros, Lonrah Resorts Murcia SL (en adelante, Lonrah) ofrece una comisión de venta con descuento del 4 por ciento más IVA (IVA español cargado al 21 por ciento), con una comisión mínima de 5950 euros más IVA en todos los listados exclusivos.

2) Para los anuncios Multiagencia, la comisión es del 5% más IVA, con una comisión mínima de 6950 euros más IVA.

3) La comisión aplicable es pagadera a la firma del contrato de reserva/depósito por el que se formaliza la venta, y el pago suele aplazarse hasta la finalización.

4) Para las propiedades que figuran como instrucciones de agencia única con Lonrah, el acuerdo abarca un periodo exclusivo de 24 semanas. Durante este periodo, el vendedor se compromete a no nombrar a ningún otro agente inmobiliario, ni a vender o anunciar la propiedad de forma privada. Si se produjera una venta a través de cualquier otro canal, público o privado, distinto de Lonrah, durante este periodo, la comisión de Lonrah será pagadera según la tarifa de agencia múltiple.

5) Al final del periodo de 24 semanas, el vendedor puede retirar el inmueble de la venta o designar a otros agentes inmobiliarios junto con Lonrah. Si se designa a otro agente, o se realiza publicidad privada, al final del periodo de exclusividad, se aplicarán automáticamente las tarifas de agencia múltiple de Lonrah. Si en algún momento se acuerda una venta con un comprador presentado por Lonrah, se pagará la comisión de Lonrah.

6) Dependiendo de la normativa del complejo turístico, Lonrah suele instalar un cartel de Se Vende en la propiedad. El vendedor se compromete a no colocar ningún otro cartel de Se Vende durante el periodo de agencia exclusiva. Entendemos que algunos propietarios prefieran no tener un cartel de Se Vende, si éste es el caso, por favor, háznoslo saber.

7) Cuando se acuerda una venta, el comprador suele pagar un depósito no reembolsable del 10%, normalmente en dos plazos separados. En caso de que el comprador desista de la venta, Lonrah retendrá el depósito, hasta el importe de la comisión acordada, para cubrir los gastos ocasionados, y el saldo restante se abonará al vendedor.

8) En caso de que el vendedor desista de la venta una vez firmado el contrato de reserva/depósito, además de las penalizaciones establecidas en el contrato según el Código Civil español, deberá abonarse la comisión de Lonrah.

9) Durante el proceso de venta, Lonrah puede ofrecer a compradores y vendedores asesoramiento financiero, hipotecario y jurídico, a través de terceros, incluidos bancos y empresas de cambio de divisas, con el objetivo de garantizar que tanto el comprador como el vendedor reciban el mejor servicio posible. En algunos casos, Lonrah puede ganar una comisión por estas recomendaciones.